Monday, 16 January 2017

Interclassics MECC Maastricht 2017 - 6 X Ferrari 400 !

This year I visited the Interclassics again. See also my blog from last year:

And this year there were even six 400's offered for sale. And all of them were firmly priced.
Here they are:

This one, Ferrari 400i Automatic, was restored and in a very rare but beautiful color scheme.
For € 99.950,- it is yours:

 This one is for sale for € 80.000

This 400i Automatic was for sale for € 56.500

This one was offered by Jacobs in Germany for € 159.000. I was informed they bought it from the Gallery in Brummen and was then completely restored. It was newly Original delivered in Sweden. It has VIN 17217. See their website:

This is a known one offered by Car cave in Belgium for € 102.000. I like this one very much due to the color and being a rare manual carburettor version.

Ferrari 412 Bernhard : This one was offered for sale on this exhibition last year as well and got sold. I don't know the actual price it was offered for. Apparently it ended up at the Gallery but I thought it was offered by a different company. It was at least not for display at the Gallery stand. In any case it was offered for € 150.000 and got sold - of course unknown for which price.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Torino S.A.F.E key cutting - Keyprof Luke

It's already more then a year ago when I wrote this blog:

Well, it's becoming time to get this spare key sorted.  I simply could have went to the ordinairy key maker in the shopping mall or such. But I recalled from last years visit at Interclassics in Maastricht a very specialized carkey maker was present. Overhere he's quite known due to his trademark; a professor hat. His name is Keyprof Luke. See his website: His trademark picture is something I also recalled from adverts in various car magazines throughout the years. Thought it was nice to meet this guy in real.

And this year at Interclassics is also celebrating 70 years of Ferrari, so a very good excuse to go and combine it. I'm accompanied by Frank who is a major help in getting all my magazine scans nicely shaped in PDFs - so if you enjoy these you now know who to thank. Clearly Frank is a car nutter as well and with his knowledge he won a pair of entrance tickets for Interclassics on a small car picture contest by the Dutch Octane magazine.

Just coming back to the Keyprof, on his website I only noticed just now that he has also the blank Neiman keys on stock. They are listed at original carkeys Ferrari. You will see they are also listed at the BMW section - read this blog to understand why :

In any case, today I went there to visit him. I brought my own spare key with me but it turned out it was not the right one after all. Apparently the beard had different slots. But he had the right one on stock. Phew! I could trade in my old blank key with him. So now I have a proper spare key set complete for the 400. Another tick in the box!

Monday, 2 January 2017

Little boy hooked to the 400

Thought this was a funny one. One of the IHWC incrowd members did sent a picture of himself a few weeks back. It was taken in 1992 at Zandvoort and ever since he has a weak spot for the 400. I recognized the car immediately as it does happen to be for sale in my home town: